Manchego Soaked in Pink Peppercorn Olive Oil

  • Formatge manxec amarat en oli d'oliva de pebre rosa
  • 14/06/2017

When you think of cheese in Spain, it is usually of Manchego (or manxec as it’s known in Catalan). It is often simply plated in triangles with the black rind still on it, but is at times also served drenched in buttery gold olive oil. The best plate of Manchego I’ve ever had was at Fragments, a pretty little café in a beautiful old plaça just below Avinguda Diagonal in the barri of Les Corts with exceptionally good tapas and a lively gin tonic culture. They serve it in a bathed in a fruity olive oil adorned with tiny pink peppercorns, which infuses the oil with a fragrant bite. I wouldn’t call this a typically Catalan manner of serving Manchego, pink peppercorns being a spice not often used in Spanish or Catalan cuisine, but it’s nonetheless an excellent one. They also serve what is arguably the best bread with tomato in the city.

Oh, and eat the peppercorns! That’s an order.

10 slices of Manchego cheese
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon pink peppercorns

Place the olive oil in a bowl and add some peppercorns to it.

Allow it to set for an hour or overnight to infuse the oil.

Slice the Manchego into triangles, pour the oil over, and enjoy.

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